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PDF icon 14. 2017 0912 Personnel Motions 1 3.pdf43.29 KB
PDF icon 14. 2017 0912 Policy Motions 1 - 2.pdf17.39 KB
PDF icon draft0155 board committees polcom021517 1.032117 2.091217v2.pdf25.01 KB
PDF icon draft0164 Conduct of Board Meetings 1.091217.pdf73.79 KB
PDF icon draft0164.3 standing rules v3 pcom21517 1.032117 1.091217v4.pdf40.09 KB
PDF icon draft1240 evaluation of superintendent 1.081517 2.091217.pdf33.67 KB
PDF icon draft3126 district mentoring program 1.081517 2.091217.pdf29.26 KB
PDF icon draft3221 evaluation of teachers 1.081517 2.091217.pdf30.29 KB
PDF icon draft3222 eval of teaching staff members x teachers admin 1.081517 2.091217.pdf30.83 KB
PDF icon draft3223 eval of admin x principals vps assist principals 1.081517 2.091217.pdf30.35 KB
PDF icon draft3224 eval of principals vps assist principals 1.081517 2.091217.pdf33.44 KB
PDF icon draft3240 professional developmnt for teachers...1.081517 2.091217.pdf29.4 KB
PDF icon draft4127 Terms and Conditions for Confidential polcomjulyaug v2 1.081517 2.091217.pdf97.48 KB
PDF icon draft5610 suspension 1.081517 2.091217.pdf32 KB
PDF icon draft5620 expulsion 1.081517 2.091217.pdf28.49 KB
PDF icon draft8330 Student Records pcom21517 1.032117 2.091217.pdf43.87 KB
PDF icon draft8550 unpaid meal charges...polcom53117 1.081517 2.091217.pdf34.73 KB
PDF icon draftR1240 evaluation of superintendent 1.081517 2.091217.pdf34.58 KB
PDF icon draftR3126 district mentoring program 1.081517 2.091217.pdf50.19 KB
PDF icon draftR3221 evaluation of teachers 1.081517 2.091217.pdf115.99 KB
PDF icon draftR3222 eval of teaching stff members x teachers admins 1.081517 2.091217.pdf80.11 KB
PDF icon draftR3223 eval of admins x principls vps assist princpls 1.081517 2.091217.pdf75.7 KB
PDF icon draftR3224 eval of pricipls vps assist principls 1.081517 2.091217.pdf103.67 KB
PDF icon draftR3240 professional development 4 teachers school leaders 1.081517 2.091217.pdf59.71 KB
PDF icon draftR5111 eligibility of resident nonres student 1.081517 2.091217.pdf126.8 KB
PDF icon draftR5610 suspension procedures 1.081517 2.091217.pdf55.66 KB
PDF icon draftR8330 student records pcom21517 1.032117 2.091217.pdf83.13 KB